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Salome Williams is a dedicated wife, loving mother, author, and motivational speaker; but most of all, she is a Powerful Woman of God who understands that the anointing of God in her, and upon her, is more important than the ability to do anything her hands can do. Passionate with a heart for people, Salome recognizes the purpose God has placed on the inside of her is to impact others in such a peculiar way, that it creates generational change. She uses her gifts and purpose to reach out to people who are away from God, while encouraging them to seek God for purpose, and encourages them to walk in it. She seeks to connect to generations and speak words that are relevant to the lives of both young and older adults. Since her highlighted purpose, she is dedicated to helping others experience unprecedented growth, both spiritually and emotionally, as they continue to soar to new heights and deeper depths in God, and in all their endeavors. You can see more of Salome on her YouTube channel, where she hosts a weekly vlog. Salome has vowed to encourage her subscribers, and all who would listen, that Process leads to Purpose. She understands, that in everything we hope for there is a process that we all must go through in order for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in our lives.


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Giving Birth to Purpose
in an Uncomfortable Place

Discovering the Power of Your Voice

Co-Authored Book

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