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Have you thought about self publishing your book, but don't know what it takes to push the final button? We can help you with the final steps to prepare you for publishing.

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What We Do

Soft Read

During your writing process you may prefer to have another pair of eyes read over your book to ensure the message and context you are conveying is clear to the reader. Edit suggestion are not provided at this time.


Editing includes grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, etc. The purpose of editing it not to change your speech or the context of your book. All edits are made at the authors approval.


The flow and design of your book will enhance and stir your readers experience, as they journey through your book. Formatting will structures the content on the pages of your book from cover to cover.

Cover Design

Cover consultation and design is offered for the front and back of your paperback books.

Publication Submission

Self publishing distribution companies requires your book to be package properly for a successful upload.

Addon Services

After your book is published, it is important to think beyond the book. Additional services are available.

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Let's Get Started

The hardest part to becoming an author, is to start writing. Once you have accomplished the task of telling your story, preparing your book for publishing should be an easy process and should not break the bank. TRU Statement Publications is your partner in assisting you in the process of getting your book to the final step, Published!

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Prepare your book for self publishing
$ 500
see payment plan below
  • $150.00 1st Deposit
    Due now with contact and manuscript submission *
  • $175.00 2nd Payment
    Due upon final edit and revision or within 30 days **
  • $175.00 Final Payment
    Due at the time of book preparation completion **
Limited time
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Unsure if your book is ready for publishing?

If you are not sure if your book is ready for publishing, or if you can turn your writings into a book, or want more information on the process, contact us for a Creative Consultation. We will provide you with the necessary information in making your next decision.