Hindsight 20/20 Co-Author Group

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an Author

Congratulation Author!
You contract has been submitted,
now lets get started.

Here are a Couple Things You Need to Know, So Take Note!

Due date is January 3rd, 2020 or sooner. So be sure to write daily.

A photo and short bio is needed for the back of the book, but is not required. More information on how to submit your photo, bio, and book contribution will be posted in the Hindsight 20/20 FB planning group soon.

Writing Tips!

Start by outlining your speech.

Identify your key points and select one (for now) that would make a powerful impact.

Recall the story in your life that connects to that key point.

Consider writing about the following:

1) What were you going through in life before you learned and applied your key point?

2) What were some of the mistakes you made that could have been avoided?

3) What were the reasons or distractions that caused your oversight?

4) Look back over that time, Hindsight, what did you learn? Tell the good, bad, & ugly.

5) How has your circumstances changed? and were others impacted-before and after?

6) What was the over all lesson you learned?

7) How can others apply your key point to their lives?

8) What are some red flags that may indicate there is a need in their life for your key point?

9) What results can they expect by applying your hindsight principles?

10) How does your key point line up with the WORD.

11) How can they apply this principle to their daily lives.

12) Consider offering a prayer to activate your Key principle over their lives.

Once you have completed your writing, repeat with another key point. But keep in mind 1/3/2020 is the deadline.

If you get stuck or have questions, pray, then lean on one another for help. Use your facebook group or contact me at

Happy Writing!