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Dr. Dexter L.

Meet Dr. Dexter L. Kilpatrick

Dr. Dexter L. Kilpatrick, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was born to Mrs. Carol Kilpatrick and the late Pastor Freddie Clark, of Lubbock, Texas.   Dr. Kilpatrick is the Senior Pastor of Spirit of Christ Tabernacle MBC in Victorville, CA.  History was made when he became the 2nd Pastor to serve the congregation  in 30 years.  The church has experienced: spiritual, numerical, and financial growth under his dynamic gift of pastoring.  Dr. Kilpatrick is the visionary and founder of M.I.N. Fellowship, [Men Investigating Newness]. the Fellowship had it’s 1st meeting  Nov. 9, 2012 in San Bernardino County.  Under His leadership and along with a dynamic team of Pastors, this multi-cultural Fellowship has now branched out to two States and Northern California including: New York, Virginia and Sacramento.

Dr. Kilpatrick has taught and preached God’s Word throughout the United States in Conferences, Seminars, and Revivals.   Dr. Kilpatrick has continued to show concern for both in-reach and outreach services.  Pastor Kilpatrick has presently been appointed by Convoy of Hope, as Area Director for the County of San Bernardino. In 2011, He was honored by: California State Congressman, Joe Baca, with the Congressional Good Samaritan Award. 

Dr. Kilpatrick has been Self-Learning the Word of God in it’s entirety since he was 8 years old. His in depth study of the Word and his commitment to dig deep into the word on his own opened the door for him to “Earn his 1st Doctorate of Theology” in May, 2012.he is a gifted Preacher, and Proud pastor of Spirit of Christ Tabernacle, in the city of Victorville CA.  His gift to understand the word, deliver the word, and impart the word has opened many doors for him in Ministry.   He received a Honorary Doctorate of Divinity and a Life time Achievement Award form next Dimension University in 2013.   Dexter has been given sworn in as a Commissioner on the San Bernardino Sheriff Exchange, as liaison between the people, politicians & police.  Dr. Kilpatrick, was just awarded a Certificate of Acknowledgment from the California State Legislation for his leadership role in the 2019, Juneteenth Celebration Day.

Dr. Kilpatrick holds the position of Commencement Board Member of Next Dimension University.  Responsible for: Music, Arts, & Entertainment.  Along with the many accomplishments that God has blessed Dr. Kilpatrick to overseer and partake in.  Dexter, holds the position of Presiding Prelate (Bishop) of the Ecclesia Spirit Led Fellowship International.  Under guidance, Bishop Kilpatrick has built a great team of hand picked, spirit filled leadership to assist him in building Kingdom Citizens.  

Dexter is an accomplished musician, producer and song writer.  His New Cd Release will be in September 2019 entitled “Friends Project” Featuring: Ben Tankard on Keys, Ray Fuller from the late George Duke on Guitar, Sekou Bunch from Anita Baker on Bass, Dawuh Asuwebea on Drums, Rahmlee from Earth Wind and Fire is creating all the Horn Sections….. 

Dr. Kilpatrick has been blessed by God, with a wonderful wife in 1st Lady Brigitte Kilpatrick, and they together have the privilege of parenting four wonderful children. Dr. Kilpatrick see’s himself as a servant of God trying to tell everybody, about somebody, who can save anybody”.  Dr. Kilpatrick’s motto is…“We’re a Church in the Community, for the Community” and believes that there should always be impartation, inspiration, and identification of Jesus Christ our Savior. 



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