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Andolelye Parah Wachiye &
Success A Ben

Andolelye is Success’ mother, and very grateful to have written this book as one voice with her son. The message of this book is largely the expression of their real-life experience as people of faith, in Jesus Christ. The authors and their family are currently residing in Southern California, USA.
Born and raised in the United Republic of Tanzania, East Africa, Andolelye came to believe in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in her teenage. At the time, she was under the care of her uncle Phillip Sanga. Andolelye is a daughter before God, a wife, mother of three, minister of the Gospel, an author, conference speaker, and friend.
She believes, the covenant she made with God is what has kept her on the path of righteousness, despite several pitfalls.
Andolelye believes that, there’s nothing rewarding in this life than embracing God’s will in all ways, at all times; even when it makes no sense. “For what does it profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” She believes that it’s time to be free from the curse of rebellion and disobedience.
As a minister, Andolelye has experienced difficulties in her life of faith. Such difficulties have weakened even those who once walked with the Holy Spirit and were on fire for God’s work. She considers these ministers prodigals as well, and she is encouraging them to come home and allow God to finish what He started in their lives.
Success A Ben was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and raised in Los Angeles, CA, USA. In his teenage years, unlike his mother, Success’s life was surrounded by many difficult and confusing choices, which made him wiser, understanding, helpful, and loving. Success is thankful to God for His faithfulness and love during his difficult and testing teen years. He anticipates the mercies and grace of God keeps him humble, faithful, and productive throughout college and beyond. Success’ desire is for the readers of this book to be saved and restored, and together as a body of Christ, live in obedience to God and experience abundance of peace, knowledge, wisdom, strength, prosperity, health, and long life as they abide in the knowledge that – with God all things are possible.


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