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Kaishia Slaughter

As Founder of TRU Statement Publication, Kaishia is following the path of destiny to Truth, Reflection, and Unity. She is passionate about supporting the reflection of every individual’s past and the truth of their reality. 

Kaishia has endured a 15 year journey, discovering the purpose and plan God has for her life. Her soul inspired journey concluded in 2014, with a final surrendering thought of, “There has to be more to life, and I am tired of trying to figure it on my own.”


Fully relying on God, Kaishia shifted in a new dimension of understanding the ups and downs of life. She has committed herself to the assignment of showing others a direct path to destiny, which starts with the discovery of their story. 

Kaishia’s current assignment is to help 1000 people publish their stories. She is faithfully moving forward to encourage individual that their story matters and they should not go broke trying to tell it.